In this life, it is as if we are moving forth on a train, but the train is moving in a specific direction that we don’t know.

Let’s say you just woke up one day and find yourself on a train. Of course, the first question you would have is “where am I?” The next second, what you may ask is “why am I here, what am I doing here?” Once you figure out that you are on a train, that you are here because someone perhaps put you on this train, you may ask “where am I going, where is this train headed?”

Then, when you find an answer to that, you may ask “well, what should I do while I am on this train? How should I spend my time while I am on this train?”

Revelation gives the answers to these fundamental questions. We are placed on this earth as a test, to worship Allah (swt) and to see which of us will actually return to Him when we are given the choice. We are ultimately going back to Allah (swt). Thus, we should follow the revelation and the messenger that He has sent so that we can attain His good pleasure and His servanthood for success in this life and in the hereafter for eternity. And those are the questions revelations gives us the answers to.

Revelation ensures that we have sound believe and understanding, revelation tells us how to behave in the right way, how to pursue benefit in this life – which deals with realizing our full potential, how to establish truth and justice in our lives, how to organize our societies in a way that people are not oppressed and this leads to warding of injustice and wrongdoing that hurts other people and takes their rights away. Revelation also tells us what to do to attain success in the next life.

Revelation say: “Rush to success.”

– „Meccan Dawn“ – a Course offered by SeekersHub



What had seemed to be an endless night has also ended – the sun has come out again. The screams and questions stopped – leaving a silence of uncertainty behind. What’s gone is gone What’s lost is lost. Now it’s about saving what’s still there. Still losing – still working – still saving

Life can be overwhelming sometimes. It can make you question and rethink your entire existence. Maybe these are just wake up calls. For all those who are asleep. What is drowning in fire compared to drowning in this endless devouring ocean of this dunya where we drown without knowing. Everyday we are sinking deeper and deeper. There are chains all over us – pulling us deeper into the endless ocean with every passing second.

While everyone runs out when they see a fire to save the people from it – who is running to us I when we delay or even miss a prayer – while we create a fire that is much bigger which we will carry into eternity – which just can’t be seen yet.

What is this life really about and what do we spend our life’s doing – may we all wake up now and start freeing ourselves from the chains that pull us into the endless ocean of this dunya. May we all learn to swim and not get deluded by the fake pearls this ocean has to offer us – don’t lose your akhira for some artificial sparks in this dunya – while light in the akhira will be eternally shining – lighting up every darkness that we may have encountered here – if we could only persevere.

That night, an apartment in our neighborhood caught fire. The fire only grew. When there was no other way to escape, the inhabitants had to jump out of the windows. It was just unbelievable to witness all this, standing and being unable to do anything except for waiting for the fire fighters to arrive. Everything took so long. It was an endless seeming night, but just like every other night, it also came to an end and the sun rose again. 4 people died, many got injured. Life continues for everyone, I see that house every single day, a reminder right in front of me. May we all live accordingly and don’t get blind to the truth.

Imagine Jannah

“Imagine…sitting with your spouse in Jannah. And then deciding what the plans would be for that day…

Should we go outside, sit on our thrones, with waterfalls flowing beneath us? And enjoy a cup of Jannah wine, while smelling the sweet scent of Jannah musk?

Should we go to the souq, the market place, and meet all of our old friends that we used to kick it off with in the dunya, and talk about what dunya was like, and how we all made it here, and how Allah (swt) bestowed His favor upon us?

And then your spouse says, you know what, how about we go visit the Prophet (saw) today. And so you and your spouse, go hands in hand, walking towards the house of the Prophet (saw).

You pass by the homes of Talha and Zubair (ra) and you say salaam to them. And then you go and knock on the door of the Prophet (saw) in Jannah.

And lo and behold, Rasulullah (saw) opens, with a big smile on his face, and says Ahlan wa Marhaban, Welcome, and embraces you.

And invites you to sit inside his home, in his noble living room, and sits right across from you and asks you if would like a cup of Jannah tea.

And you sit in the home of the Prophet (saw) and Rasulullah (saw) gives you a cup of tea. And he sits infront of you and gives you his undivided attention.

Imagine what that discussion would be like…what would you tell him? what would you ask him?

Would you tell him about your favorite moment in the seerah? Or would you ask him what Taif was really like? and how he still managed to remember us, as the blood spilled from his noble face?

But in Jannah, there are no more tears and no more fears….Just the sweetness of success and sacrifices.

Imagine him (saw) telling you an inside joke between him and Aisha (ra)? Or the time he (saw) caught Anas (ra) playing with kids, instead of running errands?

What if Rasulullah (saw) told you how he remembered YOU, or how he knew YOUR name, and longed for the moment he would meet YOU?

What if Rasulullah (saw) told you, that I remember when your salam reached me, and I answered Walaykumusalam so and so.

What if, at the end of that conversation, the Prophet (saw) extended his hand and offered you a sip of water, after which again you would never feel thirst, not physically nor spiritually….

For the only sight more noble and beautiful than the face of Muhammad (saw), is the face of the Lord of Muhammad (saw), and the Lord of you.

And for that, all you have to do is look up…and you will see Allah (swt)…

Because in Al Firdos, you will never be left to imagine again….”

– Omar Suleman

Dear heart of mine…

This heart of mine hasn’t stopped beating yet

With every breath, I exhale life and inhale death

Dear heart of mine, isn’t it time for you to humble yourself

To the remembrance of your Creator

Who allows you to beat

Although you are so fragile and weak

How dare you fill yourself with darkness

How dare you allow yourself to become hardened

Remember that your Creator revives the earth after it dies

Use your reason, for indeed in this is a sign

Dear heart of mine, don’t lose hope nor be saddened

You are still beating and as long as you do so

You can turn around

I pray that your Turner makes you firm on His path

And that you can one day return to Him

In the most purified of ways

Full of life, full of light

يَا مُقَلِّبَ الْقُلُوبِ ثَبِّتْ قَلْبِى عَلَى دِينِكَ

hope & faith

Precious is your life and the hearts that’s beating

You are plagued but still you are defeating

You don’t lose hope nor are you scared because you are certain – that this pain isn’t purposeless but rather it is a painful purpose – hold on firmly, tightly and never let go – if you only knew what it was worth – if you only knew what you are worth

Don’t give up, don’t let yourself go – soon all will be over – within the blink of an eye

Direct your prayers to Him, talk to Him. The tears you cry will clean your path, a means of purification – everything but weakness

If they taught you otherwise – I urge you to unlearn

And defeat all plagues beyond you and within you

Turn to Him

And believe in Him

Just have conviction

And He will heal you


I feel so empty – but I want to be full.

I feel so tired – but I want to be awake.

I feel so dead – but I want to be alive.

I want to live.

Not necessarily a simple or a comfortable life, but a full one.

Full of meaning, of purpose, of growth and productivity.

I am in need of a change. I was in the desert looking for a single tree, now I am in a forest and don’t know where to go, I don’t know where to begin. There is so much that the amount of options is overwhelming at times. But this is not the end. I feel like my short journey has just begun and I am ready. From dust to dust; let us do something before we become dust again.

Let this journey inspire us and not prevent us from seeing the forest for the tree.


Who are we? Or should I ask: „what are we?“

We are dust.

In this short time, we have in this world, we strive to achieve something. We want to be of positive impact and we want to make this world a better place. Even if we can’t change the entire world, we can change someone’s entire world. In hopes that the change will be for the better.

Let’s walk this path together and magnify the things we see along the way, let us see the beauty of this short visit here and contribute positively, before we become dust again.

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